About Us

Our journey started like many businesses. We saw a problem, and with a bit of Kiwi ingenuity, decided we could fix it!

Enter Yanis - a regular New Zealand events attendee, he recognised what we all know about outdoor events: the experience of going to the bathroom was horrible.

A qualified builder, Yanis grew up on a North Canterbury farm that gifted him a solid helping of number 8 wire mentality. These two factors combined with his less-than-stellar experience above, gave him an idea.

For the last two years, he's been working away at that idea - building prototypes, gathering feedback, and constantly tinkering to refine his design. The units he's building now are the result of both several years of hard work, and some hard-earned relationships with suppliers in the region which mean he has access to the highest quality recycled materials available.

Ultimately, Yanis built himself a reputation for some of the most well-crafted, eco-friendly composting toilet solutions around, and he has the bookings to prove it - a number of those events now use his services to ensure those outdoor event bathrooms are a pleasant experience for thousands of attendees over multiple days.

And that's to say nothing of the satisfied clients Yanis has completed home installs for; off-grid living solutions always add a bit of interest as no two properties are alike! Yanis and his team welcome the challenge of getting your piece of paradise fitted with a custom self-contained portable shower or composting toilet solution.

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