We're proud to offer warranty on all parts we provide as part of installing our portable composting toilet units. If any of these parts fail or break within two years of install, we'll replace them free of charge. The only cost to you is our labour - we have some pretty remote installation locations so unfortunately we can't usually get all the way out to you for free!

The shell of our portable shower units are covered by this same two year warranty. Califonts include a 12 month manufacturer's warranty; pumps are covered by any existing manufacturer warranty only, but we are often able to help troubleshoot should any problems arise.

This is to give you confidence that we have the utmost faith in even our recycled materials. Please note this policy excludes normal wear and tear, and warranty is only valid for units we have installed or approved. As part of this process we can provide advice and recommendations on placing your unit to maximise its lifespan.

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Composting toilet clad in wooden panelsPortable shower unit