Where do these units come from?

We hand-craft our portable composting toilets and showers using as many recycled and reclaimed materials as possible at our farm in North Canterbury, New Zealand.

What do you mean, portable?

These units can be safely moved around onsite by two or more people, or transported to a new location on a standard trailer - so even if you move to a new piece of paradise, these units can go with you!

Do you offer a warranty?

As long as we've been involved in the installation process, we're happy to offer a two year warranty on any parts we've provided. Unfortunately we do still have to charge for labour to replace these as we've got some very remote installation sites around New Zealand! Read More >>

What's the deal with building consent?

As with all building projects in New Zealand, it's generally up to the land-owner to obtain consent. Rules differ from council to council so we recommend checking in with your local authority. Because these units are designed for portability these aren't intended to be a permanent residential solution, but we're happy to discuss your needs and work out a solution that's right for you.

Will they blow over in the wind?

We haven't had one go yet, despite setting up in a few very windy spots! The wooden base is heavy at the bottom which prevents it being blown over, but we can also add extra stability by putting pins in the ground and strapping it down. 

How long do they take to build?

We request a minimum three week turnaround as we make our units to order. In practice we will often take bookings for build slots during a given month so you can get a clear idea of when your unit will be ready. Delivery arrangements are in addition to this - we often try to bundle orders together for delivery in similar areas as this lets us pass the savings on to you!

Do you have portable showers and composting toilets for rent?

We're happy to chat about your needs for hire or rental of composting toilets and portable showers for your event or worksite.

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How do these composting toilets work?

Our units are dry composting toilets, otherwise known as waterless composting toilets. They work by collecting waste and filtering it to separate solids and liquids. Once full, waste barrels can be sealed and left to decompose until the contents can be safely used as compost.

Does it smell?

Our system is designed to separate solid and liquid waste straight away. Because you're left with solid waste and sawdust, it is almost completely odourless.

What size are they?

Our portable composting toilets measure 2200mm high, 1200mm wide, and 1000mm deep.

How long does it take to fill a barrel?

We supply 2x 60 litre barrels with installation. In our experience, a two-person household using one of these units as their primary toilet will take approximately 2 months to fill a barrel.

After around 3 months the contents of the barrel can start composting on its own. This decomposition process can sometimes start to smell in which case, simply remove and seal the barrel before replacing it with the other supplied barrel. This is about a 5 minute process.

How long does solid waste take to compost?

We've found that barrels will start composting within approximately 3 months. Within a year, the waste level has reduced down to a third of its original size and is usually safe to use as compost.

How do I change a barrel?

A five minute, no-fuss process makes it a piece of cake to switch barrels.

We provide a full demonstration on changing out the barrels on our units when we install the composting toilet. It's designed to be quick-change and easy to use.

Once the barrel is swapped out, seal it and replace it with a new barrel. Next time you go to change a barrel, the previous one can be emptied onto trees and flowerbeds as compost, cleaned, and then the lid used to seal the most recent barrel.

How do I dispose of the solid waste?

Because we separate solid and liquid straight away, a barrel of compost is usually made up of more sawdust than waste. We recommend leaving the sealed barrel to compost for a minimum of 6 months - many sources prefer to leave them for a year. You can add vegetable waste or composting additive at the 6 month mark to speed up the process.

Our customers have reported good results using the resulting compost on trees and flowers. Alternatively, you can visit a waste treatment plant for disposal.

What do I need at my place for the toilets to work?

You'll need:

  • A clear 2x2m space: ideally flat and shaded from sun and wind, with no loose topsoil

How do I clean my composting toilet?

Good excuse to roll out the waterblaster if you like! Barrels can be hosed out or waterblasted once emptied. The inside of the unit itself can be waterblasted inside or wiped down like a traditional toilet. These units stay very tidy if taken care of.

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How do the portable showers work?

Our shower units use an inbuilt califont and gas bottle to heat the water sourced from your property, so you can have a nice relaxing hot shower in privacy! The specifics differ slightly depending on the water source.

How do I turn on a mains pressure shower unit?

  1. Turn on hose tap connected to califont
  2. Turn on gas, just outside the door
  3. Turn on showerhead
  4. You should hear a clicking sound and then a woosh as the califont auto-ignites
  5. Dial the califont heat knob back and wait for it to warm up, then slowly increase temperature.

How do I turn on a gravity fed shower unit?

  1. Turn on the power source for your pump
  2. Turn on your pump
  3. Turn on hose tap connected to califont
  4. Turn on gas
  5. Turn on showerhead
  6. You should hear a clicking sound and then a woosh as the califont auto-ignites
  7. Dial the califont heat knob back and wait for it to warm up, then slowly increase temperature.

How do I turn on a river fed shower unit?

As these are customised to the property, we work with our clients directly to set this up.

What do I need at my place for the showers to work?

Our portable shower units are completely self-contained except for the water source. We can work with a variety of different set-ups; mains pressure is the easiest but it is possible to set up a gravity-fed system or even source water from a river!

You'll need:

  • A clear 2x2m space: ideally flat and shaded from sun and wind, with no loose topsoil
  • To know which side your water will drain on
  • A hose to supply water to the califont
  • A gas bottle and power source for the califont, unless you've arranged to purchase these through us

Chat to Yanis about your needs and pricing options. Contact Us >>

What's required to set up with a gravity-fed water source?

Often this requires a pump and battery. We can supply these at additional cost - simply select Full Gravity Feed as your water source from the dropdown when you purchase.

What's required to set up with a river-fed water source?

Often this requires a hose, pump, and generator or power. We can supply these at additional cost - simply select River Feed from the Installation dropdown when you purchase.

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I'd like to secure a place in the build queue, but I'm not ready to pay the full amount yet - what do I do?

No problem - a $1000 non-refundable deposit will secure your spot and make sure you don't miss out on the next round of builds. Have a chat with Yanis and the team about your timeline and needs. Contact Us >>

What installation type do I need?


A standard installation is appropriate for most houses. If you require any extra assistance or have some complexities associated with your site, we may recommend opting for the Complex Installation option.


  • Mains Pressure - if you have a mains water source ready to connect, please select this option.
  • Gravity Feed -  this option suits properties with tank water. Includes a pump and switch, but battery and gas bottle need to be supplied.
  • Full Gravity Feed - this option includes a pump, battery, and gas bottle.
  • River Feed - a complex installation, this price is indicative only. We can provide more detail onsite or by phone.

Because every property is different, we're also happy to chat about the specific requirements of installation at your home or venue and provide a time estimate of how many hours are needed.

Please note that if you opt to install the unit yourself we are unable to offer warranty. We're more than happy to chat through in advance and made a recommendation.

How far in advance should I order?

We'd love for you to let us know as early as possible what your requirements are so that we can meet your delivery timelines. We usually have a build queue of a month or two, with delivery in addition to this. We often try to bundle orders together for delivery in similar areas as this lets us pass the savings on to you!

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